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Natural schnitzel with rice
.Salat dessert




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Styrian specialities and homemade delights for our guests

We know that when it comes to restaurants, it's all about the food. Our chef prepares each dish with love, impressing even the most demanding gourmets. We use only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality, and always prefer local products when possible. We serve fine wines from Styria and other specially chosen wine regions to accompany each dish.

In the summer, we are happy to grill Mediterranean or Styrian specialties for you.

Styrian evenings
Upon request, we can arrange a Styrian buffet with a Styrian wine and pumpkin-seed-oil tasting. Afterwards, the traditional costumes club of Semriach will give a traditional dance performance, followed by an evening of dancing and Styrian music.


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Land Train

Take a ride through the area of Semriach near Graz!


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